Kitt Wakeley Net Worth 2024 – Age, Family, Sister, Wife

Accomplished musicians utilize their raw talent, passion for their craft, and perseverance to achieve stardom in the extremely competitive music industry. One such inspirational story belongs to Kitt Wakeley, a multi-talented musician who recently won his first Grammy Award and has cultivated an estimated net worth of $2.2 million in 2024.

In this in-depth profile, we will explore Kitt Wakeley’s Net Worth and journey from childhood to present, analyzing key moments that helped shape his path to such lucrative success. From his distinct musical origins and versatile genres to the formula behind his soaring album sales and well-earned accolades, Wakeley serves as an exemplary case study of a music underdog beating the odds.

Who is Kitt Wakeley?

Kitt Wakeley is an Oklahoma-born musician praised for his astonishing range across classical, hard rock, and EDM. As a skilled composer, producer, songwriter and performer, Wakeley produces unmatched emotive music. His mother Linda nurtured his interest in instruments at a young age during a difficult childhood in foster care. The turmoil he faced ultimately inspires the meaningful themes threading through his albums.

Despite his early struggles, Wakeley channeled positivity by founding the successful medical business, Valir Health, while simultaneously kicking off his music career. His 2017 orchestral album, An Adoption Story, recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, earned Wakeley a 2023 Grammy Award for tackling an intensely personal matter – his experience with the foster system.

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What is Kitt Wakeley’s Net Worth in 2024?

Currently valued at approximately $2.2 million, Wakeley’s net worth appears modest given his prestigious Grammy win and chart-topping discography. However, when considering the diverse income streams boosting his fortune, his wealth makes sense. From touring and putting on riveting sold out live shows to producing for top artists and licensing his catalog for films and commercials, Wakeley hustles hard for every dollar earned.

Additionally, as streaming continues rising in popularity, Wakeley racks up considerable royalties whenever hits like “Bring Me Back to Life” or emotionally powerful albums such as Symphony of Sinners & Saints get played around the world. As Wakeley gains more fame, industry experts predict his net worth doubling within the next few years.

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Kitt Wakeley Net Worth Growth

While Wakeley exhibited musical promise ever since he learned trumpet in elementary school and got his first song on the radio at 16, he took an unconventional path to superstardom and wealth. After graduating with a Master’s focused on Healthcare Administration, Wakeley co-founded Valir Health which became extremely profitable within just a few years.

The windfall provided Wakeley the flexibility to singularly devote himself to music in his 30s. He first tasted success under the alias AudioKaoz, blending adrenaline-inducing EDM and rock to critical acclaim. However, his career truly took flight after pioneering a new genre labeled “orchestral rock” which organically fused his classical foundations and edgy rock artistry. Soon Wakeley was selling out iconic stages like Carnegie Hall and claiming the #1 spot on Billboard charts – a feat unheard of for independent artists.

Riding the momentum, over the last few years, Wakeley has significantly multiplied his streams into the tens of millions, vastly elevating his commercial assets and net worth year after year. Industry projections predict his fortune doubling as he continues making waves.

No.YearNet Worth
1.Kitt Wakeley Net Worth in 2024$2.2 Million
2.Kitt Wakeley Net Worth in 2023$2 Million
3.Kitt Wakeley Net Worth in 2022$900,000
4.Kitt Wakeley Net Worth in 2021$800,000

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Kitt Wakeley Biography

Wakeley’s destiny began in 1979 when he was born in Memphis, Tennesee. With no parents able to care for the newborn, Wakeley entered foster care, staying under state guardianship until age 8 when an Oklahoma couple, Jack and Linda Wakeley, joyfully adopted him.

NameKitt Wakeley
Date of Birth1 January 1979
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Father’s NameJack Wakeley (adoptive)
Mother’s NameLinda Wakeley (adoptive)
Net Worth (2024)$2.2 Million
OccupationsComposer, Music Producer, Musician, Songwriter
SchoolHoldenville High School
CollegeEast Central University
GraduationMasters in Public Administration
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Height5 Feet 8 inch
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameMelissa Wakeley
Children4 biological, 3 adopted
YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers4.28k
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBald

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Early Life

While Wakeley’s early circumstances presented numerous challenges, his adoptive parents nurtured his interests, particularly music. At just 10 years old, Wakeley learned the trumpet and piano – instruments that would serve as the foundation for his successful career. Despite not having a traditional household, young Wakeley flourished in Holdenville school programs and dreamed big about becoming a famous musician.

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An engaged student, Wakeley actively participated in band while working towards a degree focused on Pre-Law and Sociology from East Central University. During this time, he balanced classes with songwriting and playing local gigs at nights and weekends to build experience.

After obtaining his bachelor’s, Wakeley pursued a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of Oklahoma, foreshadowing his first major business venture after graduation.

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Post-university Wakeley dove right in to the startup space as an entrepreneur by co-founding Valir Health which quickly became a market disrupter, outperforming competitors and cementing Wakeley’s business savvy early on.

However, longing to pursue music professionally, Wakeley leveraged his profits and network to build his own recording studio and release solo EDM/rock hybrid albums. Audiences immediately connected to Wakeley’s adrenaline-inducing instrumentals layered with vulnerable songwriting.

Soon after discovering a passion for emotive, cinematic orchestral arrangements blended with rock theatrics, Wakeley left the EDM scene to carve his own lane – producing unprecedented Billboard-topping orchestral rock LPs executed with military precision and unmatched authenticity. The rest is history.

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Success and Awards

In 2021, Wakeley landed his magnum opus, the explosive concept album “Symphony of Sinners and Saints” which claimed #1 on both Billboard’s Classical and Classical Crossover charts in a rare crossover feat cementing Wakeley’s versatility. Singles “Anastasia” and “Tesla” also dominated Billboard’s Hard Rock rankings for months.

Wakeley further honed his brand, infusing personal themes addressing adversity with heavy drums and angelic strings to deliver powerfully cathartic anthems of redemption. His refreshing authenticity quickly garnered praise from greats like Joe Satriani, Nuno Bettencourt and Nita Strauss who appear on albums.

Cementing his icon status, Wakeley recently won “Best New Age Album” at the 2023 Grammy Awards. The trophy recognizes his extraordinarily moving concept album “An Adoption Story” recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and inspired by Wakeley’s story growing up in foster care. The project continues receiving critical acclaim as his soul-baring lyrics provide hope.

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With million-dollar income from his fiercely independent label Zion Management that retains full ownership of his catalog, Wakeley boasts an enviable net worth estimated around $2.2 million as of 2024. Within the next decade, financial forecasts expect his wealth to multiply exponentially given his loyal fanbase and grassroots, orchestra-backed tours which keep overhead minimal.

Combined with his lucrative % earnings from Valir Health, synchronization licensing deals with networks like NBCUniversal, and ambassador/producer deals with internationally-known companies such as VKgoeswild Enterprises, Wakeley sits financially set for life as he enters the prime of his career.


None to report – Wakeley is recognized industry-wide for his humble character and ethical business practices. His story serves as an inspiration.

Personal Life

Residing in Oklahoma, Wakeley cherishes family above all. He remains loyally married to his longtime sweetheart Melissa, raising three adopted children and four biological kids in a household filled with laughter, music, and unconditional love. Wakeley credits his incredible support system for keeping him grounded through his meteoric rise to stardom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the key turning point that enabled Kitt Wakeley to focus on music full-time?

Answer: After co-founding the medical startup Valir Health in his late 20s and profiting handsomely from selling his stake, Wakeley secured the finances needed to build his own studio and record his first solo albums which kickstarted his music career.

2. How did Kitt Wakeley build such an impressive net worth by age 44?

Answer: By retaining full ownership over his catalog and running every aspect of his music enterprise from production to distribution himself rather than signing with a major label, Wakeley has been able to maximize his earnings through highly-efficient operations. His producer deals and sync licensing boosted his income.

3. What inspired Kitt Wakeley’s 2023 Grammy Award-winning album?

Answer: Titled “An Adoption Story,” the album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios and orchestrated by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The lyrics touch on Wakeley’s personal experiences with the foster care system before being adopted which has resonated globally.

4. Which famous musicians has Kitt Wakeley collaborated with?

Answer: Wakeley is endorsed by guitar icon Joe Satriani who performs on albums alongside rock legends Nuno Bettencourt, Orianthi and Nita Strauss. Their guest appearances speak to Wakeley’s growing influence.

5. What types of music does Kitt Wakeley produce?

Answer: While known for infusing orchestras and choirs with rock theatrics, Wakeley first found success blending EDM and pop before pioneering his signature “orchestral rock” sound. His versatility and technical prowess attract diverse audiences.

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