DeeBaby Net Worth 2024 – Age, Bio, Height, Brithday, Girlfriend

With his face tattoos and braids, rapper DeeBaby has gotten attention lately for his fun hip hop songs. Even though he’s only 27, DeeBaby Net Worth is estimated to be $600,000. He made a lot of money fast at a young age from his hit songs. We’ll look at how he started out and got so successful in music so fast.

This comprehensive blog post aims to provide you with all the details, about DeeBaby’s background, career trajectory, assets, controversies, personal relationships and more. We’ll explore the story of how someone who faced a childhood could soar to hip hop fame and achieve financial success seemingly overnight. From DeeBaby’s beginnings, by releasing songs on YouTube to his breakthrough streaming hits and debut album release we will uncover the factors that contributed to this rapper’s growth in net worth over the past few years.

Who is DeeBaby?

DeeBaby, whose birth name is Jesus Martinez is a rapper hailing, from Houston, Texas. He faced circumstances during his upbringing. Was primarily raised by his mother as a single parent. Deebaby’s passion, for rap music was ignited in his years when his uncle introduced him to the genre. In 2019 he began sharing his tracks under the moniker “Deebaby.”

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What is DeeBaby’s Net Worth in 2024?

He has quickly built up a massive worth, DeeBaby Net Worth is approximately $600,000. He earned this wealth in just a few short years thanks to the success of viral hits like “Marz” and “Junkie Mode.” Streaming royalties, selling albums, concerts, sponsorships and endorsements have all contributed to Deebaby’s rising fortune.

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DeeBaby Net Worth Growth

Deebaby started out in 2019 by working with YouTube channels to share his music. Then in 2021, his songs “Broken Promises” and “Marz” got millions of streams online. This made him famous fast. In just two years, he went from being unknown to making over 100,000 dollars from rapping. Now only 27 years old, Deebaby’s money and fame will probably keep getting bigger.

Here is a table showing DeeBaby’s net worth growth over the past few years:

No.YearNet Worth
1.DeeBaby Net Worth in 2024$600,000
2.DeeBaby Net Worth in 2023$300,000
3.DeeBaby Net Worth in 2022N/A
4.DeeBaby Net Worth in 2021N/A

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DeeBaby Biography

Deebaby, grew up under the care of his mother alongside his siblings. Deebaby’s uncle got him into rapping from a young age by letting him watch garage freestyle sessions. This made Deebaby passionate about pursuing music himself.

Below table shows everything about deebaby, his date of birth, birth place, zodiac sign, education, occupation, marital status and much more.

Here is a table summarizing DeeBaby’s biography:

NameJesus Martinez
Date of Birth22 July 1996
Birth PlaceMexico
Zodiac SignCancer
Net Worth (2024)$600,000 (approx.)
OccupationsRapper, Artist
SchoolDropped out
Height6 Feet
Weight81 Kgs
Sexual OrientationN/A
Marital StatusUnmarried
YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers170k+
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

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Early Life

Not much is known about Deebaby’s early childhood, except that he had a difficult upbringing moving between different cities. He felt isolated as a kid but found creative expression through rapping from a young age.

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There is no clear information on Deebaby’s schooling or education. He was more focused on rapping than academics from his early teens.

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Deebaby started releasing music professionally in 2019 at age 23. Though starting out small, his career took off with viral hits “Broken Promises” and “Marz” earning millions of streams by 2021. He now has over 25 hit songs and continues growing his fanbase.

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Success and Awards

While very successful for an emerging artist, Deebaby has not received major awards or nominations yet. But at just 27, he is still in the early stages of his potentially long and fruitful music career.

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Living in Houston, Deebaby enjoys showing off his wealth on social media with jewelry, cars, and trips to the recording studio. His earnings come from musical events, rapping, and from sponsorships with brands.


For the most part, Deebaby avoids controversy and drama to focus on making music. There are no widely reported scandals or legal issues connected to him so far.

Personal Life

Deebaby keeps privacy when it comes to his family and personal life. Not sure but it is believed that he is currently not, in a relationship and does not have any children. Despite gaining fame Deebaby chooses to keep aspects of his life from the public eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is DeeBaby?

Answer: Deebaby is a Musician (rapper).

2) What is DeeBaby’s net worth in 2024?

Answer: He creates a fortune of approximately $600,000.

3) How did DeeBaby start his music career?

Answer: DeeBaby began his music career in 2019 and gained recognition with songs like “2 AM,” “Broken Promises,” and “Marz.”

4) Where does DeeBaby live, and what is his primary source of income?

Answer: DeeBaby resides in Houston, Texas, and earns primarily from his music, along with sponsorships and endorsements.

5) What is known about DeeBaby’s personal life and relationships?

Answer: DeeBaby keeps his personal life private, and as of now, there is no information about his relationships or having children.

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