Ken Carson Net Worth 2024 – Age, Height, Weight, Tour, Birthday

In recent years, rapper and producer Ken Carson has rapidly emerged from the underground Atlanta scene to become one of hip-hop’s most buzzed-about young talents. With his energetic punk-trap sound and ties to Playboi Carti’s Opium label, Carson is positioned as a star of the next generation. In this post, we’ll get to know Carson through an in-depth look at his background, the early days of his career, and the key moves that built his budding celebrity profile. We’ll also analyze Carson’s current net worth and how he amassed over $1.7 million by age 22.

Who is Ken Carson?

Hailing from Atlanta, Ken Carson (real name Kenyatta Lee Frazier Jr.) got his start like many Southern rappers – as a creative teenager uploading tracks to SoundCloud. The raw talent was obvious to influencers in Atlanta’s bustling rap ecosystem. But it took the co-sign of Playboi Carti in 2019 to truly vault the young artist into the mainstream conversation. Still, Carson had proven his determination during two years of internet hustling and studio grinding. Now with the backing of Carti and Interscope Records, Carson’s moment had undeniably arrived.

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What is Ken Carson’s Net Worth in 2024?

According to industry sources, Carson’s net worth presently sits around $1.7 million – an impressive figure for any musician in their early 20’s. The bulk of his wealth comes from music revenue streams like touring, merchandise sales, commercial licensing, and especially streaming. With billions of global streams already under his belt, Carson’s music catalog generates steady income. As he releases more songs and continues touring larger venues, his annual income gains multiply. Early adoption of Web3 methods like NFTs also promises untapped revenue flow to further swell Carson’s financials.

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Ken Carson Net Worth Growth

When examining the exponential growth of Carson’s fortune, his streaming data tells a compelling story. From 2018 to 2022, Carson’s catalog received over 2 billion cumulative streams. In 2022 alone, he crossed 650 million streams. As one of Spotify’s fastest growing artists, Carson’s music amassed nearly 500 million streams on that platform just last year. Each stream represents a fraction of a penny in royalties. At that torrential pace of 650 million yearly streams and counting, Carson’s catalog brings in no less than seven figures annually. With a devout fanbase showing no signs of abandoning their streaming support, Ken Carson’s net worth could conceivably reach eight figures before he celebrates his 25th birthday.

No.YearNet Worth
1.Ken Carson Net Worth in 2024$1.7 Million
2.Ken Carson Net Worth in 2023$1.5 Million
3.Ken Carson Net Worth in 2022$1 Million
4.Ken Carson Net Worth in 2021$500,000

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Ken Carson Biography

Here is a table summarizing Ken Carson’s biography:

NameKenyatta Lee Frazier Jr.
NicknameKen Carson, Teen XX Man
Date of Birth11 April 2000
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Zodiac SignAries
Net Worth (2024)$1.7 million
OccupationsRapper, songwriter, record producer
SchoolLocal school in Atlanta
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube
Height5 Feet 11 inch
Weight72 Kgs
Sexual OrientationN/A
GirlfriendTina Tonkin
Marital StatusUnmarried
YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers217k
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorN/A

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Early Life

Details remain scant about Ken Carson’s early days and childhood in Atlanta. While uncommon for most Gen Z artists, Carson’s privacy regarding his origins and family life fuels the mystique. His sound and image seem to emerge spontaneously – the quintessential viral star acting purely on creative impulse rather than calculation. Of course, close friends surely know intimate details about Carson’s formative years. But so far, Carson sees no upside in oversharing online. This allows supporters to focus on the music rather than gossip.

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Like many aspiring rappers, higher education took a backseat for Carson against the demands of developing his craft. Where Carson may lack formal credentials, he gained real-world wisdom through Atlanta’s grassroots music community. Hands-on learning showed Carson how artists cultivate loyal followings by releasing potent songs prolifically.

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Carson’s career ignited circa 2018 when his early SoundCloud cuts suggested a masterful pen and production chops beyond his years. Buzz around Carson’s potential soon peaked the interest of Playboi Carti. Never one to pass on talent, Carti signed Carson, still a teenager, to his Interscope-backed label Opium. In Carson, Carti saw both a kindred musical spirit and star capable of diversifying the Opium ranks. Major label backing propelled Carson’s reach and refined his songcraft. EP’s like Teen X and albums like X strung together bangers with sticky hooks, accentuating Carson’s melodic sensibilities without softening his punchy bars.

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Success and Awards

While awards elude him so far, commercial benchmarks and streaming records mark Carson’s early runaway success. In under three years, Carson has landed multiple Billboard-charting projects, scored solo Billboard Hot 100 hits, and surpassed one billion total streams across all major platforms. Critical acclaim goes hand-in-hand with his commercial ascent, as press and taste-making outlets rush to crown him hip hop’s “next big thing”. Still independent of most industry gates, Carson lets fan fervor and touring revenue quantify his impact for now.

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Aside from liquid cash reserves, details on Ken Carson’s personal assets remain undisclosed. However, with north of $1.7 million in current net worth, Carson likely indulges in some flashy purchases. An expensive watch or sleek European vehicle would align with most young rappers flush with new wealth. Though frugality has never been hip hop’s strong suit, Carson seems focused for now on pouring earnings back into his promising career rather than material excess. His smart early adopting of revenue streams like NFTs exhibits an awareness of long-term career maintenance.


Avoiding controversy has proven one of Carson’s wisest moves yet. In fact, any coverage of his minimal social media presence applauds his discipline and restraint online. By avoiding messy feuds or public meltdowns, Carson keeps career momentum churning without distraction. While his drama-free posture may not drive clicks like peers who share ugly breakups or beefs online, Carson’s low-key discipline positions him for longevity over those chasing temporary attention.

Personal Life

Guarded on all fronts, Carson reveals little about romantic attachments or family bonds – typically hot gossip items for rising stars. Of course, his privacy won’t halt rumors should high-profile relationships sprout. But until that unfolds, coverage will continue focusing directly on Carson’s creative output absent TMZ fodder regarding his intimate affairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Ken Carson get discovered?

Answer: While releasing songs on SoundCloud, Carson’s talent caught the ear of Atlanta rap star Playboi Carti, who signed Carson to his Interscope-backed label Opium in 2019.

2. What was Ken Carson’s breakthrough song?

Answer: “Yale” from 2020 mixtape Teen X generated significant buzz as Carson linked his punk-inspired vocal flows with a futuristic trap backdrop.

3. How much money does Ken Carson make from streams?

Answer: With over 500 million Spotify streams in 2022 alone and 2+ billion career streams across all platforms, Carson earns into seven-figures just from streaming royalties annually.

4. Why does Ken Carson keep his personal life private?

Answer: Avoiding overexposure on social media and stories about relationships allows Carson to keep focus strictly on his music and authentic artistic development.

5. What gives Ken Carson star potential?

Answer: From undeniable charisma and versatile artistry to a breathless work ethic meeting opportunity, Carson exhibits the outsized talent and maturity beyond years that breeds longevity.

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