Devon Levesque Net Worth 2024 – Age, Birthday, Height, Girlfriend, Family

Devon Levesque has quickly made a name for himself as one of the ambitious young entrepreneurs and investors of his generation. By the time he turned 30 in 2024 Levesque had accumulated an estimated worth of $5.5 million. He is known for being an entrepreneur someone dedicated to philanthropy and a fitness enthusiast. Levesque has founded thriving companies, in the health and wellness industry.

In this blog post, we’ll get to know more about Devon Levesque net worth and where he standing in 2024 and explore how he managed to achieve such wealth at such a young age. Through four structured paragraphs with subheadings we will cover aspects of Levesque’s life, including his background, education, business ventures, career achievements, encountered controversies and personal details.

Our main focus will be on analyzing the elements that contribute to Devon Levesque net worth. while gaining an understanding of how he built his fortune. Each section will provide supporting details that shed light on this rising entrepreneur’s journey leading up to his worth in 2024. Whether you are already familiar with Devon Levesque or just discovering him now this post aims to provide insights, into his financial success story.

Who is Devon Levesque?

Devon Levesque is an individual who has a passion, for entrepreneurship investing and maintaining a lifestyle. He has successfully established two companies; The DML Group, which focuses on supporting health and wellness startups, and Creator & Company an agency specializing in marketing. Levesque has also provided guidance and financial support to brands such, as Super Coffee, Promix and Gymshark.

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What is Devon Levesque’s Net Worth in 2024?

As of 2024, it is estimated that Levesque possesses a worth of $5.5 million. The bulk of his wealth has been accumulated through his endeavors, investments, and advisory positions, within the realm of business. Furthermore Levesque’s commitment to health and wellness along, with his philanthropic contributions have played a role in his achievements.

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Devon Levesque Net Worth Growth

Over the course of the decade, Levesque’s net worth has experienced growth. At the age of 23 he embarked on his business venture. Has since established additional companies while also engaging in investor and advisory capacities. These various undertakings have ultimately enabled Levesque to amass wealth by 2024.

Here is a table showing Devon Levesque’s net worth growth over the past few years:

No.YearNet Worth
1.Devon Levesque Net Worth in 2024$5.5 Million
2.Devon Levesque Net Worth in 2023$4.5 Million
3.Devon Levesque Net Worth in 2022N/A
4.Devon Levesque Net Worth in 2021N/A

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Devon Levesque Biography

Levesque was raised in Texas by a family that taught him the value of work. As a child he was sociable and active developing an interest, in both sports and business from an age. After completing his college education Levesque managed to juggle his career with entrepreneurial ventures. Currently his sole focus is, on business and investment endeavors.

Here is a table summarizing Devon Levesque’s biography:

NameDevon Levesque
Date of Birth11 July 2003
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignCancer
Net Worth (2024)$5.5 million
OccupationsAthlete, Investor, Keynote Speaker, Founder of The DML Group
SchoolValley Forge Military Academy & College
CollegeLIU Post
GraduationBachelor’s Degree, Master’s in Business Administration
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube
Height5 Feet 9 inch
Weight74 Kgs
Sexual OrientationStraight
GirlfriendLynn Hazan (wife)
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameLynn Hazan
YouTube Channel
YouTube Subscribers23.8k+
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde

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Early Life

Devon Levesque grew up in a small Texas town with his close-knit family. From childhood, he was dedicated, hardworking, and involved in sports. Levesque developed strong business acumen and financial literacy during his early years.

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Levesque graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy and LIU Post, earning a bachelor’s and an MBA. He excelled academically, laying the foundations for his career in business/finance.

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Levesque began as an investor in Three Wishes Cereal before advising for ARENA Ventures. He founded The DML Group and Creator & Company and served as an advisor/investor for major brands like Gymshark and Super Coffee.

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Success and Awards

Although details on specific awards are unknown, Levesque is undoubtedly a tremendously successful young entrepreneur and investor. His net worth and roster of high-profile investments/advisory roles speak to his business prowess.

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While information on his specific assets remains undisclosed, Levesque’s $5.5 million net worth likely affords him substantial real estate, luxury vehicles, and other valuables.


There is no public controversy associated with Devon Levesque at this time. He has maintained a positive reputation throughout his career.

Personal Life

Levesque lives in Austin, Texas alongside his wife, Lynn Hazan. They have been a couple, for than a decade. Have a strong affectionate connection. Additionally, he has a good relationship, with his mother.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does Devon Levesque do for a living?

Answer; Devon Levesque is involved in fields such, as sports, investments, public speaking and is also the founder of The DML Group.

2) How much is Devon Levesque net worth is estimated in 2024?

Answer; It is estimated that Devon Levesque net worth will reach $5.5 million.

3) Which college did Devon Levesque attend?

Answer; Devon Levesque pursued his education at Valley Forge Military Academy & College and obtained degrees from LIU Post.

4) Has Devon Levesque received any accolades?

Answer; While there is recognition for Devon Levesque’s achievements specific awards have not been mentioned.

5) Can you tell me anything about Devon Levesque’s life?

Answer; In his life Devon Levesque is happily married to Lynn Hazan. Shares a close relationship, with his mother.

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