Roger Jenkins Net Worth 2024 – Age, Wife, Salary, Divorce, Wiki

Let’s introduce Roger Jenkins, the star banker who managed to earn $80 million, in just four years during the peak of his career. In this article, we will delve into Jenkins’s journey towards becoming one of the paid bankers in London. We’ll explore how he built his fortune the controversies surrounding his success. Also, take a look at his net worth.

To begin with we’ll acquaint ourselves with Jenkins by learning about his background and early life in Scotland. We’ll also explore how he utilized his talents in sprinting to establish himself in the world of finance. Additionally, we’ll trace his rise at Barclays Bank, where he played a role in structuring complex deals and helping the institution navigate through the challenges posed by the 2008 crisis.

Naturally, our exploration will include an examination of the figures involved. How Jenkins accumulated wealth and assets between 2005 and 2009 ultimately earning him recognition as London’s highest paid banker. Furthermore, we’ll estimate his worth after enduring scandals, divorce proceedings and making headlines with his departure from Barclays.

Throughout our discussion, we’ll also shed light on Jenkins’s accolades and accomplishments while taking a peek into his life. Finally, we will address some of the controversies that eventually led to the end of Roger Jenkins’s tenure, at Barclays.

Whether you’re aiming to replicate his achievements or gain insights, from his mistakes the story of Roger Jenkins offers a captivating glimpse into the life of an investment banker during a period, in the industry. Now lets delve into the narrative of “Rog the Dodger!”

Who is Roger Jenkins?

Roger Allan Jenkins born on September 30 1955 is a financier and a former athlete, at the level. He held positions at Barclays from 1994 to 2009 including serving as the executive of Barclays Capitals Private Equity Group. During the period of 2005 2009 he reportedly earned $50.76 million, which made him widely recognized as the paid banker, in London during that time.

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What is Roger Jenkins’s Net Worth in 2024?

Roger Jenkins current net worth is calculated to be around $80 Million as of 2024. During his time at Barclays from 2005-2009 he earned around $50.76 million, indicating he was likely a high net worth individual.

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Roger Jenkins Net Worth Growth

Jenkins had rapid net worth growth while at Barclays, estimated to have earned around $50.76 million from 2005-2009. At that time he became one of the earners, in the banking industry. It’s unclear how much his net worth has grown since he left Barclays in 2009. By 2021 Roger Jenkins built an impressive worth of of $100 million. It decreased due to the impact of the 2008 crisis, his divorce, and his departure from Barclays, in 2012.

Here is a table showing Roger Jenkins’s net worth growth over the past few years:

No.YearNet Worth
1.Roger Jenkins Net Worth in 2024$80 Million
2.Roger Jenkins Net Worth in 2023$80 Million
3.Roger Jenkins Net Worth in 2022$80 Million
4.Roger Jenkins Net Worth in 2021$100 Million

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Roger Jenkins Biography

Jenkins, a native of Scotland, born in 1955. He showed his abilities on behalf of Scotland and Great Britain from 1973 to 1978. Following a period at BP he ventured into the realm of Barclays in 1978. Throughout his tenure, he occupied positions and honed his expertise in structuring intricate financial transactions. During the times of the 2008 crisis he played a superior role, in supporting Barclays.

Subsequently, he bid farewell to Barclays in 2009. Briefly explored opportunities at Elkstone Capital before finding himself at the Brazilian bank BTG Pactual. Along his journey, Jenkins experienced two marriages. Is blessed with three children. In the year 2019 he decided to return to his roots by moving to the United Kingdom.

Here is a table summarizing Roger Jenkins’s biography:

NameRoger Allan Jenkins
NicknameRoger the Dodger
Date of Birth30 September 1955
Birth PlaceScotland
Zodiac SignLibra
Net Worth (2024)$80 Million
SchoolEdinburgh Academy
CollegeHeriot-Watt University
Social MediaN/A
GirlfriendElle MacPherson
Marital StatusDivorced
Wife/Spouse NameCatherine McDowell (divorced), Sanela Dijana Ćatić (div. 2011), Larissa Andrade (div. 2021)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlad
SiblingsDavid Jenkins (brother)

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Early Life

Roger Allan Jenkins was born in Scotland on September 30, 1955. His father managed an oil refinery. He attended an institution the Edinburgh Academy, where he demonstrated his exceptional speed. From 1973, to 1978 he represented Scotland and Great Britain as a sprinter. Jenkins even won a silver medal in a race in 1975. He trained hard as a young person at Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh, then started his job in finance.

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Jenkins learned about money at Heriot-Watt University and got a degree. He also got certificates from the Chartered Institute of Bankers and the Institute.

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After university, Jenkins worked for BP. Then, in 1978, he joined Barclays bank and did many jobs there. He helped make big deals for the bank. But he left in 2009.

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Success and Awards

Roger Jenkins was a famous banker. He helped Goldman Sachs bank grow in the Middle East. He was on the boards of big companies too. Jenkins got awards for his work, but also had trouble because of the LIBOR problem. Some of his awards were CBE, Banker of the Year, and more.

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Roger Jenkins has lots of money, about $80 million. He got it from his job at Goldman Sachs. He also has expensive things, like a fancy house, art, and a private jet.


Jenkins got in trouble a few times. People said he did bad things in finance, like messing with the LIBOR. He also had issues with money and big investors. He even had fraud charges, but he was not guilty.

Personal Life

Roger Jenkins was married a few times. He had kids with different wives. He got married to a Brazilian model too. Jenkins liked to keep his private life quiet.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1) What is Roger Jenkins’ net worth in 2024?

Answer: Roger Jenkins’ net worth is approximately $80 million.

#2) How did Roger Jenkins make his money?

Answer: Roger Jenkins earned money through his finance career, notably at Barclays Bank with key roles and involvement in major deals like Saudi Aramco’s privatization.

#3) What are the sources of Roger Jenkins’ income?

Answer: Roger Jenkins’ income comes from his $3.27 million CEO salary at Murphy Oil Corporation, increased stock value, investments in other companies, and real estate holdings.

#4) How did Roger Jenkins’ net worth change over the years?

Answer: Roger Jenkins’ net worth reached $100 million in 2021, but declined due to the 2008 crisis, divorce, and leaving Barclays in 2012.

#5) What is the future of Roger Jenkins’ net worth?

Answer: The future of Roger Jenkins’ net worth is uncertain; it might decrease with poor stocks or rise with smart investments.

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