Packing books and heavy things for a long distance moving

A long-distance move requires careful planning. You need to gather all the documents, find out about the necessary permits for transporting your belongings, find suitable housing in the new place and, of course, pack your belongings. You can delegate some of these problems to moving companies – click here to learn about Florida moving offers.

If you’re going to pack your belongings yourself, remember that each type of item should be packed differently. For example, fragile things should be secured inside a container. For packing books and other heavy items, here is a guide below.

Packing materials you will need:

  • Small to medium sized sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal for books to manage weight distribution.
  • Packing paper or bubble wrap to protect fragile or valuable books. Place it between pages or around delicate covers.
  • Packing tape to seal boxes safely and to reinforce the bottoms and sides of boxes to handle the weight.
  • Marker to label each box with contents and destination room.


Before packing, evaluate your collection of books and other heavy items. Consider donating or selling books that you no longer need to lighten the load.

Choose boxes that are small to medium in size to avoid making them too heavy. For fragile or valuable books, wrap each one individually with packing paper or bubble wrap, providing an extra layer of protection.

Аrrange the books in the boxes neatly, placing them vertically as if they would be on a bookshelf to minimize stress on the binding and reduce the risk of damage. Fill any gaps in the boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting during transit.

If you’re packing other heavy items, such as small appliances or electronics, mix them in with the books to evenly distribute the weight in the boxes.

Clearly label each box with the contents, destination room, and any handling instructions. Reinforce the bottom and edges of each box with packing tape so they can support heavy weight, and seal the top of the boxes thoroughly.

If you have rare or valuable books, consider using smaller boxes so that the books are not damaged in transit. It’s important to start packing before your move date to avoid last minute stress. This allows you to systematically pack and ensure that everything is properly protected.

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