May Bae Life Net Worth 2024 – Age, Bio, Husband, Family, Wiki

Hey everyone let me introduce you to someone whos really making waves in the world of social media influencers. The one and only May Bae Life! In this blog post we’re going to spill some details, about who Miss May’s? and May Bae Life Net Worth the impressive amount of money she’s earning and why this confident lady has been causing a stir lately.

We’ll delve into her journey from being relatively unknown to becoming a star on Facebook and YouTube with a following of over 180,000 people. We’ll estimate how cash her viral content is bringing in annually (hint; its in the tens of thousands). Also we’ll talk about the cars and homes shes splurging on. Did someone mention an $80k car?

Lets not forget that fame often comes with its fair share of controversy. From allegations of exploiting fans for gain to relationship dramas our girl May has had her fair share of headlines. We’ll discuss a few of her scandals. Explore what they might mean for her future.

By the end of this blog post you’ll have an understanding of why May Bae Life’s such a polarizing figure and an influencer, on the rise!Get yourself a cup of tea. Settle in because we’re about to dive into a discussion, about Mays incredible journey, to social media stardom. Its going to be quite the story!

Who is May Bae Life?

Guys, let me introduce you to the one and only May Bae Life! Even if you haven’t heard of her before, trust me – this gal is making major waves in the social media world. Her real name is actually Tianna May Edwards, but she goes by May Bae Life as her influencer handle across platforms. She’s best known for keeping things real and giving fans raw, unfiltered content on Facebook Lives and in her YouTube vlogs. We’re talking pranks on her family members, wild challenges, Q&As while she’s cooking up a storm…if it’s entertaining, you know May is going to serve it up. She’s got a great personality that shines through in all her videos – no wonder she’s racked up so many loyal followers!

Of course, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Miss May. She’s found herself in some fiery controversies lately – like when she started dating her daughter’s ex-girlfriend! Yikes. Some fans have also accused her of financially exploiting them to fund her influencer lifestyle. But you know what? None of that seems to slow May down or stop her feeds. She just keeps that authentic content coming like there’s no tomorrow!

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What is May Bae Life’s Net Worth in 2024?

If May’s baller lifestyle is anything to go by, this mama is raking in some serious moolah! We can estimate her 2024 net worth to be somewhere between $10k and $50k. Now, we know that’s a pretty big range, but here are some clues to how May makes her dollars…Obviously, a chunk of change comes in from her social media platforms. Homegirl knows how to work it on Facebook and YouTube in particular – she’s got monetization down to a science with all those spicy lives and vlogs! She’s also made some coin from hosting an influencer mentorship program that people pay $500 to join.

And get this – May straight up bought herself an $80,000 car! Plus she’s always rocking expensive bling in her videos. So business must be booming for Miss Bae Life! Of course, some followers did drag her when she asked for cash to buy a $275k house. But hey, can’t knock the hustle! Overall, May seems to be on a steady climb wealth-wise.

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May Bae Life Net Worth Growth

Judging from her flashy purchases and nonstop content creation, we can assume May Bae Life’s net worth has seen some nice growth recently! Her fanbase and viewership numbers keep going up across multiple platforms, which translates to that sweet, sweet influencer money in her pocket. Strategic monetization of her Facebook Lives and YouTube uploads has likely been lucrative too. The more eyes she gets on her, the more brands probably come knocking!

And that influencer mentorship program of hers seems to be popping off as well. $500 a person adds up fast when you’ve got tens of thousands of fans, many wanting to follow in May’s footsteps to fame and fortune! Plus, with controversy comes publicity – so every headline seems to shine more spotlight on May, giving her space to capitalize and expand her empire. Even with a few financial faux pas here and there, Miss May Bae Life is definitely building herself quite the income portfolio!

Here is a table showing May Bae Life’s net worth growth over the past few years:

No.YearNet Worth
1.May Bae Life Net Worth in 2024$50,000
2.May Bae Life Net Worth in 2023$30,000
3.May Bae Life Net Worth in 2022$20,000
4.May Bae Life Net Worth in 2021$10,000

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May Bae Life Biography

Her real name is Tianna May Edwards, just so we’re clear. Age-wise, we think she’s likely in her 30s or 40s now. Of course some fans say she looks so fresh-faced in her videos, she seems forever 21! Now here’s a little tea for you…May used to be married to a guy named Ivan Edwards. They seemed like a happy couple in her early vlogs!

Family-wise, May has one daughter named Tati that she doesn’t always see eye to eye with. Rumor has it they had a major falling out when May started dating Tati’s ex-girlfriend! Mama May has apparently dated more than one of her daughter’s exes, causing some serious bad blood between them. How dramatic! Other familial tragedy struck when May’s older sister named Juanita passed away in 2020. May has mentioned being severely bullied as a child, so she’s overcome her share of struggles for sure.

Here is a table summarizing May Bae Life’s biography:

NameTianna May Edwards
NicknameMayBaeLife / May Bae Life
Date of Birth5 November 1994
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States of America
Zodiac SignScorpio
Father’s NameMr. Spencer
Mother’s NameMrs. Spencer
Net Worth (2024)$50,000
OccupationsFacebook star, YouTube star, digital content creator, social media influencer, singer, songwriter, vlogger, personal blogger, public figure, and entrepreneur
SchoolPark Ridge State High School
CollegeVictor Valley College
Height5 Feet 6 inch
Weight75 kg
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Marital StatusSeparated
Husband/Spouse NameIvan Edwards (Ex)
Kids/Children NameTati
YouTube Channel@MayBaeLife
YouTube Subscribers181k+
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
SblingsJuanita Maria Spencer (died in 2020)

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Early Life

May Bae Life was born as Tianna May Edwards on November 5, 1994 to parents Mr. and Mrs. Spencer in California, United States. She had an older sister named Juanita Maria Spencer who unfortunately passed away in 2020. Not much is publicly known about her childhood or early life. She attended Park Ridge State High School and later went to Victor Valley College where she completed her degree.

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May Bae Life attended Park Ridge State High School for her primary and secondary education. After finishing high school, she enrolled at Victor Valley College where she graduated with a degree, although the specific field of study is unknown.

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May Bae Life embarked on a career as a social media influencer, gaining traction on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. She creates vlogs, pranks, challenges, and other engaging content involving her family. Despite criticism for exploiting fans and promoting unrealistic standards, she has built a strong fanbase of over 182,000 YouTube subscribers.

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Success and Awards

With over 1,500 videos amassing millions of views on her YouTube channel created in 2012, May Bae Life has achieved substantial success as an influencer. However, there are no known industry awards associated with her social media career so far.

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While details on May Bae Life’s assets are scarce, she claimed to have purchased a car valued at $80,000. She urged fans to contribute money for a $275,000 house, revealing a net worth of $50,000, primarily earned through online monetization.


May Bae Life has caused controversy due, to her actions that involve exploiting fans for gain promoting beauty ideals and even engaging in relationships with her daughters ex girlfriends. In an incident in 2024 she faced criticism for asking her fans to contribute $100,000 towards purchasing a house.

Personal Life

In the past May Bae Life was married, to Ivan Edwards who frequently appeared in her videos. However they have since separated. She has a daughter named Tati who’s quite well known among her fanbase. It’s worth noting that May Bae Life identifies as bisexual and has openly acknowledged being involved with some of her daughters partners, which has strained their relationship even further.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is May Bae Life’s net worth in 2024?

Answer: May Bae Life is estimated to have a net worth of $50,000.

2. What are May Bae Life’s primary occupations?

Answer: May Bae Life is a Facebook star, YouTube star, digital content creator, social media influencer, singer, songwriter, vlogger, personal blogger, public figure, and entrepreneur.

3. How many YouTube subscribers does May Bae Life have?

Answer: May Bae Life’s YouTube channel, “MayBaeLife,” has over 182,000 subscribers.

4. What is known about May Bae Life’s early life and education?

Answer: May Bae Life was born on November 5, 1994, in California, attended Park Ridge State High School, and graduated from Victor Valley College.

5. Is May Bae Life currently married, and does she have children?

Answer: May Bae Life and her husband, Ivan Edwards, have separated. She is a mother to Tati from her previous marriage.

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