Introducing Klifex: Revolutionizing Performance with Vortex Damper Plugs and EGR Removal Kits

Klifex is an innovative automotive company dedicated to enhancing vehicle performance through cutting-edge solutions like Vortex damper plugs and EGR removal kits. These products optimize engine efficiency, reduce emissions, and unlock more power.

What are Vortex Damper Plugs?

Vortex damper plugs are ingenious devices installed into an engine’s harmonic balancer to improve horsepower, torque, and throttle response. They work by creating a “vortex” effect inside the damper, reducing drag and turbulence. This allows the engine to spin more freely.

Key Features

Specific innovations like sequential port timing and multi-chamber flow geometry give our vortex plugs proven advantages:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Higher throttle response
  • Enhanced torque across RPM range
  • Decreased drag and turbulence

Klifex’s EGR Removal Kits

Klifex’s EGR removal kits include all necessary components to safely, effectively, and discreetly disable EGR systems. Our design optimizes throttle response, horsepower gains, and torque while maintaining street-legal operation.

We also engineer our kits to preserve effective emissions control through the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, and other measures. This ensures regulatory compliance and environmental friendliness.

Availability and Pricing

Klifex Vortex and EGR products are available through our network of authorized dealers as well as direct consumer sales. We offer competitive pricing with regular promotions – see website for details.


Klifex’s performance automotive solutions deliver unparalleled driving experiences through measurable engine enhancements. Innovations like our Vortex plugs and EGR removal kits optimize vehicle efficiency, responsiveness, and excitement while meeting environmental standards. Unlock your engine’s true potential with Klifex.

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