3 of the Best Movies Starring Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is known for her acting career and while being the daughter of Eric Roberts and the niece of Julia Roberts may have opened some doors for her she has proven herself as an individual, in her own right. Starting her acting journey at an age Emma has consistently taken on captivating roles that have earned her a well deserved spot, among the industry elite. If you haven’t had the chance to explore all of Emma’s filmography mentioned in this list it might be worth considering a movie marathon to appreciate her talent.

1. It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Released in 2010 It’s of a Funny Story is a dramedy that unfolds within the confines of a ward. The story revolves around Crais, portrayed by Keir Gilchrist, a teenager who voluntarily admits himself to the ward due, to his battle, with thoughts. Throughout his journey he. Shares the experiences of patients delving into their unique stories and perspectives. (played by Emma Roberts). Noelle has been assaulted but tries to find the humor in things, and Roberts does an excellent job of portraying the mixed emotions of someone who is just trying to make it through a traumatic experience.

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2. We’re the Millers

Released in 2013, We’re the Millers is a movie so popular that it’s commonly memed on the internet even 10 years later. Roberts stars as the fake daughter of Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston. She and her fake family are trying to cross into Mexico to smuggle back marijuana after David (Sudeikis) loses his supply to a robbery. The hilarious shenanigans that ensue during their trip, including Roberts’ teenage runaway attitude, keep the movie interesting throughout.

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3. Paradise Hills

In 2019 there was a movie called Paradise Hills that didn’t receive attention. It features actors, like Roberts, Awkwafina, Milla Jovovich and Eiza Gonzalez. This movie combines elements of science fiction, fantasy and thriller genres into one captivating story. Roberts portrays the character of Uma, a woman who finds herself trapped in a paradise but soon discovers its hidden dark secrets. Uma spends time teaming up with the other women to create a story about female empowerment and the escape from oppression. As a bonus, Roberts plays a truly nice person in this role, which is a rarity in recent years as she’s been typecast into “mean girl” mode.

Emma Roberts’ first role was in Blow in 2011 and she hasn’t stopped since. Now 32 years old and a mother as well as an actress, it’s only a matter of time before she blows fans away with another role that shows off her chops and proves she can stand on her own two feet with her talent.

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