Alaina Urquhart Net Worth 2024- Age, Birthday, Husband, House

Listen up, crime chasers and thriller fans! Today I’m dishing on the totally captivating powerhouse that is Alaina Urquhart, As of now, Alaina Urquhart net worth is around $1.25 million! 💰

Alaina is absolutely SLAYING the podcast game with her hit “Morbid” series, spilling piping hot tea on creepy mysteries that hook us in deep. And let’s not forget her twisty, haunted tales in published form that fly off shelves! Whether she’s breaking down forensics in an audio format or penning novels, our girl Alaina is a creative mastermind who knows how to make every story riveting. 👏

Can you imagine the night sky dotted with stars, each representing a unique artistic talent? Well in that magical vista, Alaina Urquhart is one of the brightest, most vibrant celestial bodies of them all! From her podcast to her books, whatever project she touches turns to storytelling gold. 🏆

In this blog I’m serving up LOTS of captivating deets on the glamorously grim talent that is Alaina. We’ll dive into everything from her family life with hubby John and their three kiddos, to how this once autopsy technician became an undisputed media queen! 😍 So get those popcorn kernels popping and settle in – class is in session on the totally engrossing world of Alaina Urquhart!

Who is Alaina Urquhart?

Alaina Urquhart is a versatile goddess of all things creepy – she’s a podcaster, author, actress and former autopsy technician who will have you captivated with her chilling talents! This 36-year-old vibrant visionary hosts the killer hit true crime podcast “Morbid” that she makes magic happen on alongside her niece.

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What is Alaina Urquhart’s Net Worth in 2024?

With her empire expanding faster than a creepy ghost tale, girlfriend is raking in a net worth of $1.25 million as of 2024! And you know she is just getting started – that number is going to keep rising!!

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Alaina Urquhart Net Worth Growth

Alaina has hustled her way up! She started with $700K in 2021 and now she’s at $1.25 million and counting. Bask in her glow-up glory! 🙌

Here is a table showing Alaina Urquhart’s net worth growth over the past few years:

No.YearNet Worth
1.Alaina Urquhart Net Worth in 2024$1.25 Million
2.Alaina Urquhart Net Worth in 2023$1.1 Million
3.Alaina Urquhart Net Worth in 2022$800,000
4.Alaina Urquhart Net Worth in 2021$700,000

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Alaina Urquhart Biography

Born in Boston in 1985, creative powerhouse Alaina has been drawn to spine-chilling tales ever since she was a wee one! She earned her degrees in getting into the minds of criminals before launching her claim to podcast fame.

Here is a table summarizing Alaina Urquhart’s biography:

NameAlaina Urquhart White
NicknameAlaina Urquhart
Date of Birth28 December 1985
Birth PlaceBoston, USA
Zodiac SignN/A
Net Worth (2024)$1.25 million (approx.)
OccupationsPodcaster, author, actress, autopsy technician
SchoolHigh School
CollegeUniversity of Massachusetts
GraduationAssociate degree from Bristol Community College
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
Height5 Feet 1 inch
Weight60 kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
BoyfriendJohn Urquhart (husband)
Marital StatusMarried
Husband/Spouse NameJohn Urquhart
Kids/Children NameIsla, Lennon, Circa
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde

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Early Life

Alaina’s creepy fascinations started early thanks to her mama reading her chilling tales! And that macabre obsession paved the way for her deliciously dark path… 😱

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Smartypants Alaina earned degrees in criminal justice, psychology and biology from big-deal universities to prepare for a killer career. 🧠

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Alaina took her bone-chilling expertise to podcasting, co-hosting the chart-topping “Morbid” podcast with niece Ashleigh. She also writes books that have our hearts racing and pages turning!

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Success and Awards

With millions of devoted fans and numerous achievements under her belt, ghost girl Alaina has cemented herself as a true crime tour de force! 🏆

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From her lucrative podcast to merch sales, events and more – our girl is expanding her chilling empire one scary-good venture at a time! 💰


Sure, some worrywarts wag their fingers at Alaina’s infamously creepy content. But the people can’t get enough of her real and uncensored style – controversy schmontroversy! 💅

Personal Life

When she’s not totally killing the content game, Alaina enjoys family time with hubby John and their three kiddos. Work-life balance on point! 🙌

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